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    I am a Physical Therapist that helps busy active people recover from injury and pain so they can work and play more!

    Because you don't need a doctors referral to work with me, we can start one-on-one physical therapy in your home or in my Amherst office as soon as you are ready to start feeling better...like today! Immediate weekend and weeknight appointments available.

    Are you ready to get your body back? I offer wellness services with a physical therapy flare, getting you moving more through training and corrective exercises to build stronger bones, improve mobility, and increase strength safely!

    Are you passionate about offering wellness opportunities for your employees or group? How about an interactive online, virtual, or hybrid workshop. "How to Combat the Negative Effects of Sitting", to teach your sitting dominate employees what they need to know to keep their body moving well despite a sedentary job? Or how about "(name your hobby or sport here) Without Pain" which can cover all things ergonomic and injury prevention in terms of gardening, running, or crafting?


    • Physical Therapy
    • Wellness
    • Ergonomics Assessment
    • Workshops


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