• News Release: 2/18/2021


    February, 2021 – Webster, MA – On February 24th, 2021 at 12:01 A.M. EST, SLH Medical Supply is celebrating it’s one year anniversary and 2021 by donating $500.00 worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) for 21 hours to any business in the USA who visits their website and signs up as a new business customer!! This is for businesses only. Please do not sign up as a residential customer. You will not receive the free PPE if you are not a legitimate business.  With the mandating of masks now enforced at a state level, the demand for PPE equipment is skyrocketing.  A foreseeable shortage is again on the horizon, forcing retailers to rely on their trusted suppliers to distribute rationed quantities of face coverings and other compliance-based protection to meet public demand.  

    “The whole mission and vision of SLH, is to ‘give back first’, and worry about profit later. We have donated over 2.5 million dollars worth of PPE … We are doing even more this time: we are donating to every business that signs up, $500.00 in PPE free – and you don’t have to buy anything from us, we want to give it away,” said Pelletz, illustrating the business model and its charitable focus.

    To claim the $500 in free PPE supplies, go to our site – www.slhmedsupply.com and use code: “lashantamagnusson” and get whatever you need! We have everything from masks to gowns to sanitizer, even bouffant caps to booties. We have clear, transparent masks for the hearing impaired – they are also awesome for teachers so students can see their expressions. Our website has streamlined access and B2B pricing on all products.  

    SLH previously launched a national donation program where healthcare facilities, municipalities, schools and churches received $100 worth of protective equipment for free. The program was designed to right-size their PPE purchases. “It can be a struggle for smaller organizations to find a supplier that will sell them smaller quantities, that make sense for their staff and for their budget,” said Pelletz. “SLH is that company.” 

    SLH Media Contacts
    Michael Pelletz
    michael@slhmedsupply.com | 508-400-1712  About SLH Medical Supply:

    Safety, Health & Life (SLH) Medical Supply is a Massachusetts-based company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of personal protective equipment.  Founded by Husband, Father and Entrepreneur Michael Pelletz and his wife, Kelly, a registered nurse who has served in the medical field for more than 20 years, the company is committed to partnering with community organizations to supply protective gear with no minimums, 30 day net terms and the highest quality products available in the market!!! Find more information on SLH at www.slhmedsupply.com.   



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