• News Release: 3/5/2023 Go Boutique Live Julie Award Winner

    Contact: Lynne Duval, Lynne Duval Photography, LLC
    February 28, 2023
    Email: hello@lynneduvalphotography.com
    Phone: 603-566-0887

    Lynne Duval Photography, LLC, has been recognized for The Julie Award during Go Boutique Live, an international event honoring accomplishments of professional boutique portrait photography businesses.

    [Springfield, IL] — [February 28, 2023] – Go Boutique Live, an International conference for portrait photographers, announced today that Lynne Duval Photography, LLC has been awarded The Julie Award at the Julie Awards. The Julie Awards are presented by the Joy of Marketing, the world-recognized photography business education organization that honors excellence among professional boutique portrait photographers.

     “Lynne Duval stood out from thousands of portrait photographers worldwide to achieve this honor. Fewer than 1,000 photographers have ever achieved this distinction. She is among an elite group of photographers who provide the highest level of service to her photography clients,” said Sarah Petty, Founder of The Julie Awards and New York Times Best Selling Author. “This award is a testament to the dedication and investment required in gaining the skills, creativity, and service it takes to provide a second-to-none wall portrait experience.”

    Lynne Duval Photography, LLC was honored at the Julie Awards ceremony on Monday, February 28, 2023, during Go Boutique Live, a 3-day business event for professional portrait photographers worldwide. This year’s event was held virtually.


    Lynne Duval Photography, LLC is a Boutique Photography business specializing in portraits of kids, teens, pets, and families.  They customize and create your photo session specifically for you.  They provide a unique experience through the entire process from creating the session, capturing you and your family, ordering your artwork, to delivering your final product.  Every creation is designed to build self-esteem and be passed from generation to generation.  They create artwork that will enhance your home and never go out of style.

    Lynne Duval has been a professional photographer for 15 years.  Growing up she never had photos hanging in her home.  She doesn’t really remember what she looked like growing up.  When she had her own children, she wanted to make sure they were able to see themselves growing up.  That they would see how much they are adored and loved.  That they would feel a part of something important that would be passed from generation to generation.  They will be able to carry these portraits with them to their homes and show their kids and so on.  The family legacy will carry on.

    This is what Lynne Duval Photography, LLC wants to do for all her clients.  Provide heirloom quality artwork for your home.  She will meet with you and your family prior to the photo session, preferably in your home.  She will design the session specifically for your needs. She will schedule a time for an ordering appointment where you will see the images and artwork, she recommends for your home displayed on a big screen set to music.  She will help you decide what will work best in the spaces identified during the in-person consultation.  And she will deliver your final product to your home once they arrive.  Your photography session will be completely customized for you!

    Website:  www.lynneduvalphotography.com
    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LynneDuvalPhotography

    About The Julie Awards:

    Professional boutique photographers serve their portrait photography clients at a level that is unmatched by a traditional photographer. The Julie Awards acknowledge the upper echelon of boutique photographers who are dedicated to serving their clients at a higher level through the creation of custom photography artwork for clients’ homes.
     “Until we created this award, 4 years ago, there weren’t any awards that recognized the dedication boutique photographers have to running their businesses. Boutique photographers provide the most elite level of service to their clients that is unmatched. They serve their communities as small business leaders and are instrumental in giving back, yet they go largely unheralded. 224 photographers were honored this year, our fourth year of these awards. Named after the first client that ever trusted me to create wall art for her home, these awards acknowledge the upper echelon of boutique photographers who are dedicated to serving their clients at a higher level through the creation of artwork for their clients’ homes,” said Sarah Petty, Founder of Joy of Marketing.
    To learn more about Go Boutique Live visit www.goboutiquelive.com. To learn more about the Joy of Marketing visit www.joyofmarketing.com



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