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    Stonehaven is a unique and unforgettable open-air venue for small to medium adults-only weddings or corporate / academia / family outings in the summer and early fall. The types of events we host for adults 18yrs & older includes:

    Experiential wedding in a non-traditional setting
    Company summer cookout/picnic
    College Reunion
    Department outing
    Team-building exercise
    Employee reward excursion
    Executive offsite
    Charity / fundraising event
    Bus Tour destination
    Extended-family gathering / celebration

    Our site is a beautiful, abandoned historic quarry which was one of the largest stone cutting operations during the height of the state's granite industry a century ago. The Lovejoy Granite Company supplied 30 massive stone columns for the Treasury Building in our nation's capitol, each weighing 55 tons. When abandoned in the 1930s, it filled with water from underground springs and was used as a local swimming hole - even drawing enthusiasts from 50 miles away.

    It has been lovingly restored to a pristine state, and then a collection of decks, docks, rafts and other structures were added, as well as several gardens, a double-arched stone bridge, a single-arched wooden bridge, a Zen garden and about two dozen primitive and contemporary granite sculptures. There are walking trails in the woods surrounding the quarry, and petroglyphs carved into the cliffs that can be viewed by kayak & paddle board. The quarry pool is great for swimming, too!

    We offer a range of activities and amenities to help your guests get the most out of their time together in the great outdoors.


    Aerial view of Stonehaven's 2-acre swimming pool
    Stonehaven venue from high cliffs
    A kiss on the Stone Bridge
    Stonehaven wedding party
    Stonehaven Sculpture: Integrals of Life
    Stonehaven Sculpture: Great Stone Heron
    Stonehaven Zen Garden
    Stonehaven Garden Wall



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