In this edition of our newsletter, we shine a spotlight on an extraordinary member whose dedication and passion are making a significant impact within our organization, "Less Leg More Heart."
We asked founder, Christina (Tina) Hurley to share more about Less Leg More Heart and here is what we learned:
At Less Leg More Heart, our mission is simple yet profound: We provide vital support, supplies, and services to amputees to improve their quality of life. Since our inception in 2019, we have been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of amputees across the country.
Since our founding, we have proudly served more than 250 amputees. In this year alone, we've already assisted over 45 individuals, with a growing pipeline of support.
We go beyond traditional support by offering peer mentorship, medical advocacy, care packages, funding for holistic wellness, and support for home services.
Our impact extends far beyond numbers. We have witnessed firsthand how our support decreases loneliness, improves hope, lessens suffering, enhances pain and mobility, and fosters connections within the adaptive community. We've even had the privilege of saving lives from suicide.
You can explore heartwarming testimonials and impactful stories on our social media channels. These stories highlight the real and positive changes our organization has brought to the lives of amputees. Visit our website for individual stories and testimonies.
Don't miss out on our current initiatives:
Virtual Bike Desk Raffle: Join us in this exciting virtual event.
Gala in December: Save the date for our gala. It's an event you won't want to miss! You can find more details on the Events tab of our website.
We invite you to be part of our mission:
Donate: Support us directly through our website. Your contributions make a world of difference.
Volunteer: Explore various remote and flexible volunteer opportunities, whether you're interested in business operations or beneficiary relations. Find out more in the Contact section of our website.
We believe that every pair of helping hands counts. With over 500 people losing limbs every day in our country, we hope you can spare a little time and love to make a profound impact.
Thank you for being a part of Less Leg More Heart. Together, we're changing lives, one step at a time.
To learn more about Less Leg More Heart visit: